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In the interest of truth, we must admit that this picture is about 10 years old.

Completing his studies in Pastoral Ministries in 1985 at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Paul Parsons became an ordained and licensed minister of the gospel for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since that time, he has pastored two churches, authored op-ed columns for six newspapers, and hosted two radio programs. Throughout his ministry, he has had a consuming passion for the spiritual condition of America and a devotion to a return to her national spiritual roots.  The tragic events of September 11, 2001 crystallized Paul’s calling, as God provided him with a vision for the renewal of national virtue and godliness.

Although Paul does not see himself as the leader of this movement of God, he sees his role as that of encourager to the Body of Christ in America, calling it to humility, prayer, worship, and repentance. The only true leader of this effort is God...HE ALONE will accomplish His will in America... through the efforts of born-again believers all over this land.


Mitzi Parsons went home to be with the Lord on July 28, 2018.

Mitzi Parsons was Paul's life partner. Gifted of the Lord with a beautiful singing voice and experienced in a vast array of administrative functions, Mitzi brought to the ministry valuable insights as she served in her capacity as Media and Music Director. To listen to Mitzi as she sings a beautiful original song, go to www.youtube.com and type "Mitzi Parsons" and "Only He" in the Search area.

Those who knew and loved Mitzi viewed her as someone who had a deep and abiding love for Jesus, which resulted in a clarity of communication with Him. Simply put, Mitzi prayed and the Lord responded.  She is deeply and painfully missed.

You may contact Paul at Director@healoneministries.org.

Within this site are pages marked "The Beginning" and "The End."

These pages tell of the miraculous event that was the love story of Paul and Mitzi.  They also tell of the pain, sadness, and yes, the discovery that has defined Paul's journey with the loss of his sweetheart.  You are invited to laugh and to cry with us as you read.











































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