What Happened?

In 2001, September 11, to be exact, a cataclysmic attack was perpetrated by cowards from the middle east in the name of their god.  While we didn't lose any personal friends or family, in a small way we did.  How could the sight of a woman jumping to her death from the first tower ever be erased from our minds?  How would one of the most powerful nations on earth respond to such an unprovoked and senseless act?  How could I respond as a man who loves his country, but is too old to fight?

I prayed long and hard for the answer.  Then, one day, shortly after the attack, Mitzi and I were driving through Tampa on an errand when we noticed a large number of signs along the way that read, "God bless America."  I made my usual cynical remarks about how, in the midst of a crisis, everyone was looking to God.  And then, I caustically remarked, "In a week or so, they will go back to normal and forget Him again."  And then, it happened: Mitzi made a most profound remark, a statement that was to crystalize our ministry for all time.  She said, "Why doesn't anyone put up a sign that says, 'America Bless God.'"

Combining my zeal to respond to America's new plight with that statement, The Declaration of Dependence was born.  It took more than a year to write.  (After all, I'm no Thomas Jefferson.)  And then, it took several years to locate and commission the artist to create the Declaration in as near to the original writing as could be found.

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